Renovation Process

Start your renovation journey with Peninsula Kitchens & Bathrooms and experience a seamless renovation process refined over 40 years. Tailored to your style, our expert team ensures every kitchen or bathroom project meets your unique needs. Begin transforming your space today!"

Understanding Your Vision

Your Vision, Our Expertise: Let's Begin the Journey.

We begin the renovation process by understanding your vision. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the advice and assistance you need, making your renovation dreams a reality.

Engage with you to understand your style and functional requirements.
Our team provides insights and guidance to align with your vision.
Together, we embark on a design journey, blending your ideas with our expertise
Measuring Up

Laying the Groundwork.

Our in-home visit is critical to accurately measure and understand your needs. We then tailor designs to your space and aspirations.

Precision Measurement
Precision Measurement
Accurate home measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your design.
Idea Collaboration
Idea Collaboration
An opportunity to discuss your ideas in the context of your actual space.
Solution Tailoring
Solution Tailoring
Adjusting designs to meet the unique challenges and potentials of your home.
Design Drafting

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

After our discussions, we'll turn your vision into concrete plans. This stage combines our creativity with precision.

3D Visualisation

Utilising cutting-edge technology to create a 3D animated design, offering you a virtual walkthrough of your future space.

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Cost Analysis

Our approach is transparent and clear. We break down the financial aspects of your project upfront, so you can make informed decisions,

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Precision Execution

Final Touches: Renovation & Completion

Our team works meticulously to transform your plans into a reality. We maintain open communication to guarantee a smooth process and your satisfaction. The project concludes when you're delighted with your enhanced, functional, and beautifully finished space.

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